Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Map #2 - Three Countries and an Island

     As promised, Map #2, zooming in on Planet #1 from "the Sword in the Sky."
These are roughly the shapes and sizes of the countries Waklei (WALK-lay), Mukrone (Muhk-RONE), Pevna, and Ancern Island (ANN-kurn). The main character, Winara, lives on the tail of Waklei - the tip facing Pevna. 

I fished up a couple acrylic paintings I did a few years back on little pieces of card-stock paper. The picture above is of the sunset on the White-Sand shore of Waklei. 

The picture below is of a Hiikter plant (huge rubbery-feeling plants that glow at night) from Mukrone. There's also a few star-flies in that picture - translucent purple-winged insects that feed off of nectar stems during the day, making a field of what looks like shaggy purple flowers. After feeding off of the nectar, they take flight at night and fill the sky with glowing purple wings; hence, the name "star-flies." ... I overthink details, but it's fun.

     Just to give you a glimpse into the world in my head:

     Waklei is typically pretty dull in color, but the colors in the water and sky have their moments of brilliance. For the most part, Waklei is just made of lots of stone, a bit of moss, and plenty of white sand; not very colorful, but striking in a strange way.

     Pevna is just the opposite! It's almost always warm and windy there, and it's pretty much the land of eternal Autumn. The colors of the trees are crimson red, gold, fiery orange, and deep brown. It's probably my favorite place to write about. But if I were to go to one of these countries I would probably choose Mukrone.

     Mukrone is the greenest of the three. It gets plenty of rain and has the widest variety of exotic plants and animals. There's a sort of magical element that seems to live in the very air of Mukrone. It could be the influence of the elves that live there...

     This world has existed for me since I was about twelve years old. To me, it almost seems like it does exist in some dimension.

     End of spiel.


  1. Oh wow, I really love the imagery and detail you have of this world! This is amazing! After the little excerpt that was read aloud in class, I really want -- no, NEED -- to hear more!

    *flails hands excitedly*

    1. Thanks, Jodee! The linguistics are definitely not as thought through as they are in your book. I have no idea how you created an entire language, but it's super authentic!